Toll manufacture emigration

Toll manufacture emigration service is tailored for two scenarios:

A: Solid materials support for new drug developing projects in preclinical, phase I and phase II or called CRO.

B: Mature production shift to Asia countries especially China to save cost. Whatever the client wants to close their current facilities or the client's philosophy is brand management.

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Our specialist will review your request and bring primary suggestion of the project to you quickly.

To catch our esteemed clients rapidly changing ideas, we have established a concrete network which cover dozens of different types production units, Like cGMP trial production plants, large scale plants, strong R&D capability labs, all of them have same credo that is to make success in toll manufacture business.

General steps:

1. Find suitable suppliers

a. Receive initiating documents and analyze the reaction facilities and other requirements. Select primary matched plants from the candidates network.

b. Contact these candidates and send information to the responsible person, collect feedback eg. current capacity, time availability, biding model, intention and concern.

c. Select and determine the entry qualifiers together with clients.

d. Brook chemical limited provide comments on production register, I/E security Condition and transport hazardous classification.

2. Sign CDA and forward technical package

a. Sign CDA with these entry qualifiers

b. Forward technical package to entry qualifiers

3. Technical research and quotation

a. Entry qualified plants do research on technical package and understand the required molecule, time, and process.

b. Entry qualified plants quote price in the agreed biding model framework while adding the actual cost of materials (starting materials, auxiliaries, solvents), labor (Direct labor cost, management), Overhead( equipment depreciation, utilities, waste treatments, capital etc.)

c. Clients determine final cooperation parties on the base of quoted price and maybe after one round of on site due diligence work.

d. Brook chemical will investigate the logistic cost and give clients the final quotation of DDP price.

4. Sign an agreement and production initiation.

a. Third parties sign project agreement and production initiated.

b. Project management. Manage the project to assure quality metrics are achieved and timelines are met.

c. Logistic arrangement.