Hemocytometer/Blood Counting chamber

Specification: improved Neubauer brightline

Improved neubaeur brightline


Haemacytometer (Improved Neubauer and Improved Neubauer brightline)
Description The application range of our couting chambers reaches from the couting of erythrocytes, and leucocytes to the analysis of urinaly and cerebrospinal liquids. Our standard assortment comprises of the counting chamber systems of improved neubauer and improved neubauer brightline.
Chamber depth 0.100mm
Grid 1mm*1mm
Leucocytes grid 1/16mm2
Erythrocytes M grid 1/25mm2
Erythrocytes L grid 1/400mm2
Slide size 75*32*5mm
Packing Individual packed into plastic box with sponge and cover glasses added


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