Laboratory Cleanroom garment and boots series

Specification: anti-static,non dust-off treatment, high temp.endurance, oxidation endurance, repeated use, Good air permeability

 Glean room Garments

Glean Room Garments
Description Clean room garments fit for clean zone protection at pharamaceuticals, chemicals, foods, biotechnology and electronic laboratory and workshop.
Characteristics Anti-Static GB12014-2009 GB21147-2007;
Non dust-off treatment ASTM F-51;
High temperature endurance;
Oxidation endurance;
Repeated use;
Good air permeability.
Product series 1. Tetrad ingeral cleanroom garment(Integrating hat, top, pants and socks)
2. Triple integral cleanroom garment( Integrating hat, jacket and pants)
3. Dual integral cleanroom Garment ( Integrating jacket and pants)
4. Clean underwear.
5. Split cleanroom garment.
6. Gown.
7. Cap/Hat
8. Anti-Static shoes and boots
9. Clean Gloves and oversleeves.
10. Clean room bag.
11. Boots cover and stockings.
12. Sticky mat and Apron.
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