Thin-Cytologic Test kits

Specification: Be compatible with ThinPrep processor 2000


Thin-Cytologic Test kits
Description Thin-Cytologic Test kits
TCT Kits
Be compatible with ThinPrep 2000 Processor in cervical cancer diagnosis, which is called ThinPrep PAP test
Components (One set of TCT kit consists of 4 parts)
Filtration Cup 8um micro hole
Special designed for ThinPrep 2000 with high pressure endurance.
Preservation solution vial Similar formulation to ThinPrep PreservCyt® Solution
Methanol based, buffered preservative solution
To keep the gathered debris and mucus temporarily before transfer to slide.
Cervical brush/spatula CE approved
EO sterile
Thin layer slide Anode type match PreservCyt® solution
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