Saccharin Sodium

CAS NO: 128-44-9

Specification: USP/BP

Product Name Saccharin sodium
Quality Standard USP24


Testing Items Critrion
Appearance White Crystalline Powder
Identification Conforms
Melting Point 227.2-229.4℃
Acidity 5.3ml
Clarity and color of solution Colour is clear
Heavy Metals ≤10ppm
O&P Toluenesulphonamide ≤10ppm each
Water 14.25%
Assay 99.23%
Solubility Conform
Organic volatile impurities Conform
Benzoate and salicylate Conform
Arsenic ≤2ppm
Selenium ≤0.003%
Readily carbonisable sub. Conform
Mesh size 20-40mesn


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